How can I buy a Social Account?

Here are the steps our valuable customers experience for each buy:

  • Selecting the objective Social Account
  • Checking out the Payment through Credit Card / Other Transfer
  • Receiving an email including the contract once the account is ready
  • Sending the signed agreement back to us
  • Receiving the credentials of the account
  • Changing the credentials by you
  • The buy is currently successfully finished.

How can I sell a Social Account?

Here is the cycle our customers experience to sell each account:

  • The SocialTakeOn confirmation team verify your account and reach you by means of email.
  • If your account passes the check stage, it gets uploaded to our platform.
  • Meanwhile, the offline promotion get started and we get connected to various buyer’s through mail.
  • As soon as we get an offer and get acknowledged by you and credentials should be handed over within 24 hours.
  • SocialTakeOn receives the Payment from the buyer, at that point the account take from you and quickly sends you the Payment.
  • Take over process should take less than 30 minutes and we will notify you prior to starting it.
  • Take over cycle should take under 30 minutes and we will notify you before beginning it.
  • The transaction fee is 10% which will be paid by the buyer.